Parties entitled for OLIVE rewards and its working mechanism
Rewards are computed off-chain in a backend service (compute rewards service) that evaluates the last season’s deployed capital and its efficiency. There are three types of parties that are entitled to OLIVE rewards:
  • Providers of Capital
  • Directors of Capital
  • Market Makers
Once the "compute rewards service" has computed rewards, it'll publish all reward payloads, a signed typed data message (ERC712), out to IPFS. This payload is signed by a secure key in the backend. Rewards are cumulative so when the service is calculating, it will pull the last Seasons balances from IPFS, and add the additional amount.
The message indicates the account, chain, total amount claimable (not taking into account amounts that have been claimed), and a nonce.
The rewards contract will keep a balance of claimed amounts and only give the user the difference each time they claim.
At this point, the user can decide if they want to claim their rewards or not. If a user decides to claim, the message along with the signature is submitted to the rewards contract by the user. This results in the contract transferring the amount claimable to the account address.
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