oAssets (oABC)
oAssets represents your underlying claim to oABC
oAssets are oABC tokens that a Liquidity Provider receives when they deposit tokens into Asset Jars.
These oABC tokens represent your underlying claim to the assets you deposited into the Asset Jar, available to be redeemed 1:1 at any time (pending the Season withdrawal period).
oAssets are transferable, however, only the wallet that holds the oABC tokens can claim the underlying deposited assets as well as the accrued rewards on the deposited assets.
Here oSUSHI represents your underlying claim to SUSHI
Analogous to AAVE's "a" tokens, these assets are 1:1 representative of your stake and are burned on claiming the underlying asset.
For example: if you deposit 750 SUSHI into the SUSHI token Jars, you will receive 750 oSUSHI. In order to claim your underlying asset, you must call the withdraw function, wait for the current Season to end, and have your 750 oSUSHI in your wallet when they become claimable. This will in effect burn the oSUSHI tokens and you will receive the underlying asset which is 750 SUSHI.
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