Bribing veOlive Gauges
Incentivise veOLIVE holders to boost your projects liquidity
Liquidity is a major component for every project, therefore projects often provide liquidity incentives to liquidity providers in the form of the project's native tokens, such as SNX in the case of sUSD.
Once you have veOLIVE, you can vote for gauges every 7 days. The amount of OLIVE received by a given gauge is based on the gauge weight, which is a function of how much veOLIVE has voted for that gauge.
This means if veOLIVE holders vote to direct liquidity towards a project, it can be extremely beneficial for that particular project. So, for the purpose of incentivizing veOLIVE votes, the community can create 'OLIVE Bribes' which will allow projects to provide incentives for veOLIVE votes, in turn, increasing liquidity for the projects.
On our community built dashboard, veOLIVE holders will be able to see any upcoming bribes with an estimate of the rewards they will receive if they vote for a given pool.
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